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I have a new business idea, how do I get funding for my idea? allows users to create a Monbi profile that investors, strategic partners and media can see and search. You can also promote your profile directly with links to your unique Monbi user number. Venture capital companies, investors, strategic partners and more may then contact you to offer funding or to get more information about your business. You can also search and submit your idea directly to venture capital companies and investors.

How quickly can I expect funding when I join

Each funding request and situation is different. In general, funding can take time and it is helpful to provide compelling information in your Monbi pitch to attract investors and speed the process.

My business idea is unique and I don’t want everyone to know the specifics of the business. How can I get investors to see my idea and not share too much? profile pitches allow you to share as much or as little information as you like. In general, the more data you can share, including a video, the more interest investors may have in your business.

My business is not doing very well and I need some capital, can help me?

Yes, is not only for new business or business ideas, but for existing businesses looking to expand or obtain funding assistance.

Does make a commission off funding or provide direct funding? promotes and offers many engaging opportunities for both, entrepreneurs and investors, and does not directly provide funding, broker loans of any kind, make commissions off funding, or guarantee that funding will be provided. The website is designed to help entrepreneurs, strategic partners and investors discover opportunities and each other.

What happens after an investor contacts me with interest in my business?

It is up to you and the investor to work out the terms of funding and specific details of your agreement. can suggest strategic partners to help you if needed.’s headquarters are located at 4275 Executive Square Suite 200, La Jolla, California

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