How Funding Works

What is Equity Funding

Angel Investors are equity investors who provide capital for start-up business or growing firms in exchange for company shares or convertible debt. Angel investors put their money in companies, often start-ups, with the aim of eventually getting high returns once the business has matured and becomes profitable. Angel financing often bridge the bootstrapped capital and the venture financing that entrepreneurs hope to get farther down the way.

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Pitching Your Idea

The doors of the elevator opens, you get in, and, to your surprise, so does the investor that you’ve been trying to get hold of for months. Now you have your chance to tell him about your idea, but you only have as long as the elevator-ride lasts to impress him.

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Success Stories

Grey Masters

“The strategic partner directory on provides a variety of industry and support services….”

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Shalae Jackson

“Ooh My The Brand Business OwnerThese courses gave me confidence and a boost to not give up on my…”

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Jill Vicky

“Share your business success story and tell us about your funding, press or strategic…”

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Max Titan

“ hosts social and business networking events, share you success story about a…”

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