Edgar Richardson III
“I had a new innovative invention and business idea and what I like about Monbi.com is not only that investors from around the world can see my idea, but also that I can control how much information they see. I don’t want everyone to see the specifics of the invention until I know they are serious about investing.”

Louie Ortiz
“What I love most about Monbi.com is being able to see video business ideas from inventors and entrepreneur. It really gives me a better idea when I can see the entrepreneur pitch their ideas in a video format. I also enjoy searching by geographical area and business type to help me find that great next investment opportunity.”

Louis Martinez
“Monbi.com is such a great resource for business owners and anyone thinking about starting a business. Not only does Monbi.com provide access to investors from around the world, but also has great resources for learning about creative ways to start and fund a business. An innovative website!”

Melinda House
“I’ve been thinking of turning my clothing design ideas into a business and Monbi.com is a great resource to learn about starting a business. The funding basics and marketing sections are great and I really like that I can promote my idea to investors all over the world. I am so happy to have found this site.”

Sean Hennessy
“As an investor, I am always seeking new opportunities and Monbi.com allows me to see great innovative business ideas and videos that I could not have found elsewhere. An innovative and creative website.”


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